2. Group companies

Group companies

Shin-Ei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Has expertise in recycling nonferrous metals

Shin-Ei Kogyo specializes in the recycling of nonferrous metals including aluminum (which is used for sashes and car wheels, etc.) and special metals such as high-speed steel and cemented carbide. Although aluminum is known for its high recycling rate, aluminum alloys with special characteristics (e.g. corrosion resistance) have been increasingly used in recent years. Meanwhile, various manufacturers have sold various special metal products. Thus, it has become difficult to easily determine the composition of the material. Shin-Ei Kogyo was quick to introduce state-of-the-art analyzers, and has been continuously conducting research to ensure accurate determination.

Company overview

Trade name Shin-Ei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Address 7-2-2 Toei-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture 446-0007 Japan
Phone +81-566-98-3860
Fax +81-566-98-6976
Established October 6, 1976
Capital 30 million yen
Representative President and Representative Director Yoshihiko Fukatsu
Annual turnover 2.5 billion yen (as of March 2016)
Accounting period April to March
Business site Head Office, Okazaki Plant
Scope of business Purchase, processing, and sales of aluminum scrap, special metals, and nonferrous metals
Employees 17 (as of March 2017)
Fringe benefits Recreational facilities (Grand XIV Hamanako, Tokyo Baycourt Club)
Shin-Ei-Kai (company trips, etc.)
New Year’s party
Authorization obtained Industrial waste collection and transport operator (Aichi Prefectural Government)