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Metals handled

Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd. recycles all types of metals. Because it is difficult to sort special metals, the staff determine the composition based on many years of experience. Shin-Ei Kinzoku was also quick to introduce state-of-the-art analyzers to ensure accurate sorting in a short space of time.


At plants: Shindachi (iron sheet punching scrap), Daraiko (cutting scrap)
Private sector: Kozan (e.g. waste generated in dismantling buildings), scrapped vehicles, steel cans, other iron products that are no longer needed

  • Kozan
  • Shindachi
  • Scrapped vehicles
    Scrapped vehicles

Stainless steel

Nickel-based stainless steel, chromium-based stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, etc.

  • Nickel-based (tableware)
    Nickel-based (tableware)
  • Chromium-based (sheet punching scrap)
    Chromium-based (sheet punching scrap)
  • Chromium-based (sinks)
    Chromium-based (sinks)

Copper wires and electric cables

#1 and #2 copper wires, high-grade copper, medium-grade copper, low-grade copper, brass, gunmetal, CV cables, VA cables, wiring for electric home appliances, harnesses, etc.

  • #1 copper wires
    #1 copper wires
  • Gunmetal valves
    Gunmetal valves
  • Scrapped electric cables
    Scrapped electric cables


Aluminum cans, sashes, pans, car wheels, etc.

  • Aluminum cans
    Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum wheels
    Aluminum wheels
  • Sashes

Special metals

Cutting tools (cemented carbide, high-speed steel), die steel, molybdenum, pure nickel, Inconel, tungsten, titanium, circuit boards, catalysts, etc.

  • Tool steel
    Tool steel
  • Pure nickel
    Pure nickel
  • Scrapped circuit boards
    Scrapped circuit boards