2. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In Japan, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information was enforced on April 1, 2005. Today, proper management of personal information is considered as one of the top priorities of companies. We comply with laws, regulations, and rules applicable to personal information, to ensure that our customers can reliably provide and disclose their personal information to us. Described below are our efforts to ensure management of personal information.

Personal information protection policy

1. Provision of in-house guidance
With an in-house organizational framework in place, we provide in-house guidance regarding information management to ensure protection of personal information.
2. Acquisition and handling of personal information
we collect personal information from customers, we explain the purpose of collecting personal information to customers before collecting personal information within the necessary scope.
We handle personal information collected from customers within the scope of the purpose of collection. We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without consent from customers.
3. Management of personal information and response to customers。ヌ requests
Under in-house guidance, all of our employees manage personal information with a sense of responsibility and commitment. We provide appropriate supervision to prevent erroneous management and unlawful acts. We take security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., of customers。ヌ personal information.
We keep customers。ヌ personal information accurate and updated.
Our staff members in charge quickly respond to customers。ヌ requests for confirmation, correction, etc. of their personal information.
4. Outsourcing of processing of personal information
When we outsource processing of personal information to contractors, we conclude an agreement, etc. regarding handling of personal information to prevent such contractors from leaking or redistributing personal information. We also supervise and audit such contractors as necessary. When we handle personal information as a contractor, we manage personal information under strict supervision and use personal information within the scope of an agreement.

Use of personal information in offering services, etc.

We may use personal information provided to us from customers (in the course of inquiries, requests including those for documents, and response to questionnaire surveys, etc.) to reply to, contact, or send documents to customers. We may also aggregate data for use in our business operation by removing personal information.
We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without consent from customers, nor do we use customers。ヌ personal information to send our products or advertising mail, etc.
When we outsource handling of personal information, we may share personal information with contractors within the scope of reasonable purposes of use.

Access logs

Our website records the history of access by users in the form of access logs. Information collected in access logs includes users。ヌ domain names, IP addresses, browser types, access date and time, etc. which in general do not contain information that identifies users.
We use access logs only for statistical analysis of access to our website.


Some pages on our website use cookies, which are small text files sent to users. computer hard disks, to enable the website to store data.
Specifically, cookies contain such information as website domain names, cookie expiration dates, email addresses, etc. and enhance the web browsing experience by recording users. preferences in specific websites. Cookies can identify users.It is a computers, not users. Cookies, which represent a standard technology, are used on many websites.
We may use cookies on our website to make web browsing more convenient for customers.

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