2. Group companies

Group companies

Kowa Co., Ltd.

Contribute to the recycling-based society for aluminum recycling

"Aluminum is used for most aspects of our lives such as sashes for building and houses,car wheels and home electric appliances. It produces aluminum dross in the process of making aluminum products and materials. We contribute to the recycling-based society for making recycling ingot,oxygen absobers and thermal heating material to melt down the aluminum dross. We aim to be emvironmentally friendly company which takes action towards saving energy from aluminum recycling business and reducing environmental impact by reducing carbon output."

Company overview

Trade name Kowa Co., Ltd.
Address 361-1 Nishiikatsuko, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture 367-0025 Japan
Phone +495-24-6362
Fax +495-24-2928
Established May 1st, 1983
Capital 10 million yen
Representative Masanori Inoue, President and Representative Director
Annual turnover 12 billion yen (as of March 2022)
Accounting period March
Business site Shibata Plant, Kodama Warehouse
Scope of business Purchase, processing, and sales of alminum scrap and nonferrous metals
Management Philosophy By promoting environmentally and people friendly corporate activities through recycling resources, we will contribute to society and aim to be a bright and trusted company with extremely happy employees.
Environmental management policy Developing the recycling business and contributing to the society through corporate saving resources, energy and zero emission.
Observing applicable legislation related to the environment and we will promote that continuous improvement through operating environmental management system.
“Priority actions”
  1. Improving the work environment like powder dust, heat, noise and getting involved with the surrounding community.
  2. Saving energy and reduce CO2 emission by grasping the situation of energy consumption amount in the whole process and every location.
  3. Contributing Zero emission through expanding sales channel of oxygen absorbers for steels and recycling all aluminum ashes by researching and develop other uses.
Employees 26 (as of June 2022)
Authorization obtained Certificate of Industrial Waste Disposal
・Intermediate process(shredder treatment)
・Intermediate process(melting treatment)
・Intermediate process(mixing treatment)
Ecology action 21