2. Our business

Our business

Metal recycling

We recycle all types of metals, ranging from iron, stainless steel, and nonferrous metals (e.g. copper, aluminum) to special metals. We ensure automation and labor saving in operations, introduce cutting-edge technologies, and sort metals and remove impurities to achieve efficient recycling. Metal scrap is recycled as high-quality metal resources.

Collection and transport


Metal scrap is transported by our logistics company, whose fleet of trucks is one of the largest in the Tokai region. The company also has various types of vehicles and carry-out equipment so that it can flexibly meet customers’ needs with specialized services. Close cooperation with contractors enables smooth response to customers’ requests even at remote locations.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal

The group companies collaborate to deal with unrecyclable waste that is generated at customers’ plants and dispose of waste that is generated when processing metal scrap. Waste plastics and wood scrap, etc. that can be recycled as fuel, etc. are sorted properly before waste is transported to final disposal sites as industrial waste. We ensure legal compliance and transparency to maintain the trust of customers.


Waste disposal

Pawn shops has always has been close to the society in any period , developed by local people. Our company aims to raise awareness of Environmental activities”3R”= Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle to protect precious earth resources.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Making preventive and regenerative medicine a part of general life style. Our company support to regenerate your body and soul to improve your lifestyle.