2. Group companies

Group companies

Shin-Ei Eco Life Co., Ltd.

Aims to become a reliable waste disposal company

Shin-Ei Eco Life started as the industrial waste disposal operator of the Shin-Ei Group. Together with the metal recycling and transport operators of the group, it helped launch the general recycling business. Waste generated when recycling and processing metals is sorted properly into waste subject to disposal at final disposal sites and recyclable waste, in order to ensure safe disposal. Shin-Ei Eco Life ensures transparency of the process to serve as an industrial waste disposal company trusted by customers.

Company overview

Trade name Shin-Ei Eco Life Co., Ltd.
Address 1-17-11 Imaike-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture 446-0071 Japan
Phone +81-566-98-2211
Fax +81-566-98-6250
Established June 2, 2011
Capital 20 million yen
Representative President and Representative Director Kenichiro Oda
Accounting period April to March
Scope of business Collection, transport, and disposal of industrial waste and general waste
Employees 6 (as of April 2019)