2. Corporate information

Corporate information

President’s message

President and Representative Director Toyohisa Kaneko

“We will actively meet the market’s needs.”
With this founding spirit of Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd. in mind, we have contributed to the industrial development of resource-scarce Japan as a metal recycling company by offering new resources. Today, we have developed into a group of general recycling companies. As a leader in helping build a sound material-cycle society, we have confidence and commitment in operating our business.
With our society, economy, and the global environment changing rapidly, many new issues have emerged. When we reviewed our founding spirit, we recognized that our mission also encompasses initiatives to solve issues beyond the scope of recycling business.
Against this backdrop, we decided to establish Shin-Ei Holdings Co., Ltd. to enable respective group companies to demonstrate their unique capabilities and to enable the group to launch into unconventional fields.
The corporate philosophy is “Committed to treasure hunting every day.”
We will properly meet the needs of our times while anticipating the next generation, discover “treasure” that satisfies customers, endeavor to increase our corporate value, and contribute to the development of society.。
Shin-Ei Holdings will continue to take on challenges to meet your expectations.

President and Representative Director Toyohisa Kaneko

corporate creed and Philosophy

corporate creed and Philosophy

company overview

Trade name Shin-Ei Holdings Co., Ltd.
Address 2-1-1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture 446-0072 Japan
Phone +81-566-98-2211
Fax +81-566-98-6250
Established March 30, 2016
Capital 80 million yen
Representative Toyohisa Kaneko, President and Representative Director. Kazuhiro Kaneko, Vice President and Representative Director.
Accounting period April to March
Scope of business Formulate the group’s management policy and ensure business management


First President Shinichi Kaneko started an iron scrap shop under the trade name of Kaneko Shoten before WWII. As a family business, Kaneko Shoten collected, processed, and sold iron scrap.
Inspired by the booming industries due to the Korean War that started in 1950, Shinichi Kaneko convinced that the iron scrap business was viable as part of the recycling industry, raised capital from the market, and established Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co.
Ltd. in 1953. In 1963, Shin-Ei Kinzoku built the Toyota Plant to process chips from the Motomachi Plant of Toyota Motor Corporation. The volume of iron scrap handled increased as the number of vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation grew.
To cope with ever increasing iron scrap, Shin-Ei Kinzoku increased its capital to expand business operations, building more plants and establishing alliances one after another.
Shin-Ei Transport Co., Ltd. was established as a company specializing in transport services by consolidating the transport companies that had been Shin-Ei Kinzoku’s contractors. Subsequently, Anjo Chip Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established to manufacture urethane chips (the business was later changed to manufacture chips of electric cables called “nuggets”), and Shin-Ei Kogyo Co.
Ltd. was established to specialize in handling nonferrous metals and stainless steel. These companies helped lay the foundation of what the Shin-Ei Group is today.

With the 80th anniversary of our founding close at hand, we have almost achieved the goals of gaining the social status of a recycling business and established member of the industry and improving our in-house systems. Nevertheless, new challenges are on the horizon, such as fulfilling social responsibilities, complying with laws and regulations, meeting intensifying competition, and coping with the globalization of the scrap market. We are determined to meet these challenges, further enhance corporate stability, and maintain the trust of customers (manufacturers and plants), contractors, and local communities.
Shin-Ei Kinzoku will now take another step forward. We will do our utmost to meet expectations of our stakeholders.

  • バラBトラック金子商店金子新一夫妻
    Around 1945
    Kaneko Shoten members
    * Founder Shinichi Kaneko is to the right from the center on the second row (behind the child in the first row).
  • Shin-Eib Metal Korea株式会社
    September 2011
    Shin-Ei Metal Korea Co., Ltd. established in South Korea as the first subsidiary outside Japan
    * The photo was taken on the occasion of an event to commemorate the company’s establishment on October 10, 2011.
1939 Kaneko Shoten started by Founder Shinichi Kaneko
September 1953 Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd. founded
February 1962 Anjo Chip Kogyo Co., Ltd. established
December 1969 Shin-Ei Transport LLC (predecessor of Shin-Ei Transport Co., Ltd.) established
October 1976 Shin-Ei Kogyo Co., Ltd. established
August 1980 Shin-Ei Transport LLC restructured to Shin-Ei Transport Co., Ltd.
June 2011 Shin-Ei Eco Life Co., Ltd. established
September 2011 Shin-Ei Metal Korea Co., Ltd. established in South Korea
April 2014 Shin-Ei Korea Co., Ltd. established in South Korea
March 2015 Established SHIN-EI CONSULITNG CO.,LTD. in Thailand.
November 2015 Siam Shin-Ei Metal Co., Ltd. established in Thailand
March 2016 Anjo Chip Kogyo Co., Ltd. renamed Shin-Ei Chip Co., Ltd.
March 2016 Shin-Ei Holdings Co., Ltd. established
April 2019 care business started (Shin-Ei Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Pawnshop business started (Shin-Ei Holdings. Co., Ltd.)
June 2019 Shin-Ei Material Co., Ltd. was established
(from the merging of Shin-Ei Chip Co., Ltd. and Shin-Ei Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
October 2019 Bought out Kowa
December 2020 SPARKLE Co., Ltd. established
April 2021 Rs TRUST Co., Ltd. established
Pawnshop business (Shin-Ei Holdings. Co., Ltd.) restructured to Rs TRUST Co., Ltd.
May 2021 Hayakawa Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
July 2021 Sano Pawnshop Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Rs TRUST Co., Ltd.
April 2022 Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd. merged Shin-Ei Material Co., Ltd.
July 2022 Jinrikisha Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
November 2022 Arae Shoukai Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Shin-Ei Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Group organization chart

Safety and health policy

We recognize safety and health activities as the basis of our corporate management.
promote voluntary safety and health activities involving all employees to prevent industrial accidents and to create a safe and comfortable workplace.

  1. We comply with laws and regulations regarding industrial safety and health as well as in-house safety and health rules.
  2. We conduct risk assessments of overall business operations in an effort to cope with hazards and eliminate industrial accidents.
  3. We endeavor to enhance employee education programs for increased safety awareness,
    and to facilitate labor-management communication
  4. We endeavor to promote the physical and mental health of employees by advancing efforts to create a safe and comfortable workplace.
  5. We endeavor to maintain the industrial safety and health management system on a regular basis and improve safety management levels on an ongoing basis.


As a leader in building a sound material-cycle society, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility.

We were quick to recognize corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important challenge in management. We comply with laws and regulations, and take action pursuant to corporate and management ethics (as mandated by society) and our voluntary regulations and standards. We have been working to become a reliable and trustworthy company by ensuring communication with all the stakeholders involved in our corporate activities.

  • Complying with laws and regulations and social norms, and ensuring fair business operations
    We observe the limits on truck loading capacity and ensure waste disposal, etc. in line with industry-wide commitment.
  • Ensuring fair and transparent transactions as equal partners
    We ensure delivery of contracted quantities to enhance trust in our industry, while recognizing our responsibilities as a leader in establishing a sound material-cycle society.
  • Protecting corporate assets, intellectual property, and information
    We take the utmost care in handling scrap that involves trade secrets (e.g., experimental vehicles) and ensure appropriate management.
  • Actively fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen
    We ensure information disclosure, and actively contribute to the development of local communities.

We announce annual policies for the Shin-Ei Group as well as respective companies, departments, and plants to share the vision, and hold a health and safety committee meeting every month. We hereby declare our commitment to practicing and upgrading our CSR activities on an ongoing basis by involving all officers and employees.